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Copywriting & Project Mangment

Copywriting & Project Mangment


Copy Writing Samples

Product Research, Script Writing, Copy Writing

A 30 second advertisement script for Jullian and Shey’s wedding videography/photography company. To be posted on youtube and Instagram.

Script #1: A standard Ad for the company using specific Company vocabulary.

Do you want to remember the best day of your life? Every step down the aisle, every emotion in your family member's eye? Documentary style wedding videography is what you have been dreaming of! 

Hi, we are Jullian and Shey Trad, and our dream is to capture your perfect day so that you can relive every moment through photography and video. We are honored to be a part of your wedding party in a way that doesn’t obscure the bride and groom on their wedding day. Instead we capture the day as it happens so you can completely live in the moment.

Based out of Clarksville, Tennessee we know the beauty of southern hospitality. So our priority is supporting happy couples in any way they need as they take the first steps into a beautiful marriage.

We offer many inclusive packages so please contact us directly for a quote, we cannot wait to hear from you.

Script #2: A quicker Ad able to catch attention and summarize.

Hello! We are Shey and Jullian Trad and we specialize in documentary style wedding photography and video.

We know that weddings take a lot of work and planning, so we market ourselves as a one stop shop when it comes to your special day. We organically capture your wedding day so that you can relive every moment for years to come.

As a husband and wife duo we work with the wedding party to become a part of the experience, we do not ask for poses or impede on the ceremony you have created. Instead, we watch and capture those moments as they happen organically throughout the entire wedding day. Our first priority is the bride and groom and maintaining a distanced perspective will ensure that they always live in the moment.

We have several wedding packages available and we look forward to booking your wedding today.

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