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Lunch Box Comics started as an idea I came up with back in 2019 when my son went off to school for the very first time. It started as a tool to help him enjoy reading through a story that grew with him daily. And,  I wanted to make sure he knew I was thinking about him every day at lunch time. So with every passing day the story grew, and so did he. And, So did his reading and comprehension! I snuck in some key life moments he was struggling with in real life and so, the self reflection in his soul began all through a marvelous adventure.

Now we are onto series 4, and a new adventure in the town of Misfortune. Please enjoy our (almost) daily lunch box stories and the scribbling that takes place 30 minutes before butts have to be in the seats for school drop off.


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Hey There! My name is Caitlin.

For years my stories have sat on social media, in hand written journals, or saved as a .mov files on a hard drive. So I have created this place as a digital bookshelf that longs to be explored. Peek around and see what adventures might captivate your imagination. Perhaps you will find joy and magic in the ordinary as I do.



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